Civil Construction

JNPL has earned a remarkable reputation in the Civil Construction arena in the last few years. We have firmly positioned ourselves as leading service providers of the best quality Civil Construction Work Service. We have highly trained staff  who are experts in their fields and always work in conformance with the industry standards.

Quality in every civil construction job undertaken by us is related to the following aspects:

  • Satisfying
    the specification mentioned in the contract
  • Working
    to maintain 100% safety of our workers
  • Completing
    the project in time.
  • Fulfilling
    the owner’s requirement within budget
  • Ensuring
    the faculties performs its intended purpose to full client satisfaction.

We have undertaken innumerable Government and Private construction works for roads, bridges, buildings,warehouses etc. We specialize in all aspects of construction including but not limited to electrical and plumbing works in civil projects.