Hydraulic Pile

Times are changing and so is technology in the field of construction. With the advent of Hydraulic rigs, it has becoming more popular to use them in place of the more conventional DMC rigs.Hydraulic rigs have improved the efficiency of work and reduced the level of noise pollution at site.

We employ MAIT machines which are some of the most efficient in the world. The Hydraulic MAIT machines are used for a variety of applications as they have a high power engine, parallelogram system, a torsion-resistant mast and a highly efficient hydraulic system. The controls and hydraulic system are versatile, designed to drive casing oscillators, rotary drills, vibrators and diaphragm walls grab.

The efficient design of pile hammer body and the cushion arrangement, ensures that the impact energy from ram drop can be transferred to pile head with a significantly low energy loss. The hydraulic hammers are able to transfer much higher dynamic forces that means the job efficiency can be maximized with the hydraulic rig. For this reason, hydraulic rigs are the preferred equipment for very large and deep piling elements.