Residential Complexes

JNPL is focused on creating durable, high-quality buildings that provide a unique client experience that encourages repeat business. It was a natural progression for us to move to ground-up construction after being in the field of piling foundation for so many years.

JNPL has employed the use of Mivan technology in many of its residential projects. In technical terms, a huge number of houses can be constructed at much faster speed using Mivan shuttering as this system of formwork construction runs the structural system in one continuous pour. When the formwork is removed a
high-quality concrete finish is shaped with precise tolerances and verticality which invalidates the need for additional plastering.

The advantages of Mivan technology are as follows:
 Speed – Reduces the total turn around time by almost half when compared
to conventional construction techniques.
 Requires Less Labour – With a set procedure and checklists to follow, this
technology minimizes the need for skilled labour and also eliminates
activities like masonry and rendering activities which are labour intensive.
 Seismic Resistant & Durable – The buildings are more seismic resistant and
more durable.
 Less Maintenance – Primarily with no construction joints and with free flow
concrete used, this technology reduces the chances of seepage which
further results in negligible maintenance.
 Smooth Finish – Mivan construction ensures uniformity, hence all walls and
slabs have a smooth finish which means additional plastering is not needed.
 Higher Carpet Area – it gives the scope to take out more carpet area in
comparison to traditional construction techniques.
 Earthquake Resistant – More earthquake resistant structure and safer in
case of a strong earthquake. This is because structures built using Mivan is
a monolithic concrete structure which acts as a whole single strong unit.

Janardan has completed many such projects successfully.