Dmc Pile

Direct Mud Circulation (DMC) piling is an example of replacement piling method. The basic principle of DMC piling lies in the fact that the soil layers generally become harder to penetrate with depth, so to soften the hard soil layers deep below the ground, water jet streams are used. Then a chisel is used to cut the soul. Bore holes are dug as per the clients requirements, ensuring that the subsoil in it does not collapse by using Bentonite slurry or other compuounds. Then a reinforcement cage is lowered and concrete is filled from the bottom of the bore hole with the help of Tremie pipes. The concrete is usually left to harden for 28 days.

A DMC apparatus basically comprises a Tripod with pulley, a winch machine, wire-rope, Chisel, drill pipes, Tremie pipes, a Vertical pump and a pit where Bentonite powder is mixed with fresh water.